Month: April 2020


authenticity/ɔːˈθɛntɪkadjectiveadjective: authentic1. of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. This is a subject that I find really difficult to personally reconcile. We were all born unique, genuine. Of undisputed origin. We were all born a total, one of a kind piece of art. So what happened between arriving in the world as a divine miracle […]

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home/həʊm/1 1.relating to the place where one lives, resides.1 2.return by instinct to its territory after leaving it. I recently attended an interior design event where each speaker was asked the question ‘what is home to you?’. I find this a really interesting question and what I would call a ‘slow burner’ because it’s multi-levelled […]

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reconnect/riːkəˈnɛkt/verb1. connect back together. ◦ re-establish a bond of communication or emotion. We live our lives in ways that even our grandparents couldn’t have predicted, let alone our ancestors. We eat foods derived from the same molecular make up as plastic, we consume incredible amounts of unhealthy online content whilst driving our fossil-fuel-burning boxes of […]

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