adverb: why
1. for what reason or purpose.

Finding the reason why I was working towards a given goal was one of the biggest and most unpredictable life lessons I have learned. When someone asked me that question it hit me like a bus. In 30 years of hard graft and what i’m not afraid to call constant and tiresome reaching for the next milestone to smash I had never once stopped and asked myself ‘why’. The anxiety this has brought,at times, is crippling. The endless need to find the next way to achieve can cost friendships, relationships and family. 

But being asked to think about why I do this and spending sometime in the company of the right people I found my true answer and it turbo boosted me into achieving in a healthier, harder and faster way than I ever have before. And I enjoy what I do so much more then I ever did. 

When you know why you are doing something it fuels you. It consumes you. It touches upon that very basic need to have a purpose. What are we all doing here? That great existential question that people have dedicated their entire lives to studying. I’m not going to pretend that one short blog post from a girl that can’t even control her laundry pile is going to offer any insight into the subject. But I do feel it’s the reason behind why finding out why I was working towards my goals filled me with such honour and energy and renewed vigour. I had my purpose. I wasn’t just an intelligent primate drifting on a green and blue rock through the nothingness of the universe, hoping someone would be impressed. Bleak.

I find now that when I get stressed or anxious about the direction of a given project or arguments breakout I am much more able to quickly and succinctly get back to the path of progression. It helps me make decisions, it puts things into perspective and reminds me of the bigger picture.

So take out a pencil and paper. Just be still with yourself for a moment. Just breathe. Calm the tightness in your chest that yells at you all the things you need to do to achieve a goal. Say goodbye to the Sergeant Major screaming your do list over and over again. Silence the worry and turn off the hob under the boiling-over pot that is your anxiety. Just be still and arrive with yourself. When you are ready pick up that pencil and start to write. Write anything that relates to why you do what you do and why you are working towards a particular goal. The words might not make sentences, and that’s okay. It will start to build a picture that becomes an answer…

”I do what I do because my ancestors deserve to see me achieve. Because I deserve to achieve and be proud of myself. I do what I do because my future children deserve their earth guides to be the most grounded and supportive set of people they can be. I do what I do because society needs to change. Because we, as humans, need to change.”

Photo courtesy of The Copper Lens

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