your idea or opinion of yourself, especially your feeling of your own importance and ability.

You’re a child, you want show your friends how much higher then them you can jump, how many more easter eggs you received this year and how many more super heros you can name. Then suddenly your an adult wearing shirts exclusively with a small crocodile stitched into the top left hand breast, driving a car with big shiny wheels and a personalised  number plate, speaking loudly in city centre bars about your latest ski trip and how many followers you have, taking selfies to prove how great you are. Did you even go to that bar if it’s not immortalised on the grid?

Ego serves a very small purpose, it contributes towards protecting us. If you are surrounded by shiny things, exclusivity, powerful knowledge, adoring followers it forms an armour. It helps to stop your vulnerability seeping out through the cracks. Because ego says vulnerability is weak. True vulnerability and emotional exposure is the ego’s kryptonite. Ego says strength, power and success is the only way. The ego has pushed humanity to do great things! It’s enabled us to build  architecturally incredible buildings, conquer outstanding feats of engineering and paint master pieces. Our egos pushed us to launched rockets into the sky and put us on the moon. But one human’s ego also caused approx. 10 million humans to die in the concentration camps during World War Two. 

Human ego suppresses and marginalises entire races because of the colour of their skin and continues to kid itself that that’s okay. Human ego created weapons of mass destruction in the name of religious conquest. In the 1940’s an elderly Einstein supported Oppenheimer’s creation of the atomic bomb but later said this was his ‘one greatest mistake’. Ego doesn’t just want for materialistic items, it wants everything. It tells us we’re entitled to everything and we must compete to get it. And no matter how academically intelligent, socially empathetic or innocent in the eyes of god we are, we can all be led by our ego. 

TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Nanograph is an incredibly indulgent name for a watch, which you can currently purchase for an outstanding £20,795.00 (£389.90 per month for 53 months without interest if you want a real life application). Casio Collection Unisex Watch MQ-24 is £7.99 on Amazon. They both tell the time. Exactly the same time. So if you need to find out the time, both will help (as will your smart phone which you probably already own) but which one do you think the ego would prefer to read the time from?

Stop feeding your ego and letting it misinterpret text messages, spend all your money and compete with your loved ones. We’re addicted to other people’s opinions of us and ego’s are fragile. And they’re not fragile like vintage china tea sets, they’re fragile like homemade bombs. Instead of this servitude, look to nourish your self esteem. The easiest way to understand the difference is that ego feeds off streams of external, mostly materialistic validation to create an illusion of self worth. And it’s just that, an illusion. Self esteem comes from within. Every, single time.

Ego disappears and is easily replaced with a healthy nourishment of the self esteem by playing. Play is defined as ‘time spent without purpose’. my advice? Take your ego paddle boarding (with a qualified instructor), damage your ego over and over again by falling off a giant surf board into the sea! Embrace the salty water, fall off as many times as you need to and don’t take it too seriously. ‘When ego is lost, limit is lost. You become infinite, kind, beautiful.’-Harbhajan Singh Yogi

So go play. Remain conscious of how your surface desires become actions and who they effect and go do something fun that doesn’t have a purpose! 

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